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Invite Friends Unlimited Reward Up to ₱88,888,888

Share your referral code or link To Invite!! Earn unexpected rewards up to ₱888!

Referral Bonus – Single Referral Reward: ( VIP0 – VIP5 )

Referral Bonus – Single Referral Reward: ( VIP6 – VIP10 )

How to Invite and earn more Reference Bonus:
Referring member deposit within 30 days 

1. ( VIP0 – VIP5 ) Total Deposit ₱100+

2. ( VIP6 – VIP10 ) Total Deposit ₱5000+

You can do sharing  (invite friend link) thru social media’s & sharing to the person who you would like to refer.
( Ex: The main method is through sharing Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, Instagram, Tiktok, Viber and other way.)

Ensure your invited through clicking your referral link or QR code to register. 


Secret of easy to earn more Referral Bonus:
1. This kind of entertainment some like it, some don’t like it. In fact just looking for 50% of people who like it, maybe this could be a second source of income for you.

2. Sometimes it’s not just from real-life friends. Share the (invite friend link) to your various social platforms and make it a part of your daily life, which may bring you unexpected income.

3. A lot people have made their first pot of gold in life through this simple method..Purchased dream house..Having great passive income.

Earn 0.3% of your friend’s turnover as commission up to ₱ 88,888  per day

Referral Bonus – Turnover Commission:


Extra Stage Turnover Commission Benefit:
Your invitees continue to invite others to join our company . You can still earn valid bet commissions at the next level of your invitee.

Extra Stage Turnover Commission calculation is as below:

Level 1: Commission: (A+B) x 0.3%

Level 2: Commission: (A1+A2+B1+B2) x 0.1%

Level 3 :Commission: (A3+A4+A5+A6+B3+B4+B5+B6) x 0.1%

Extra Stage Turnover Commission example:

You can have unlimited level 1+2+3 invited member

Level 1: Commission: total member daily valid bet 500,000 x 0.3% = ₱1,500

Level 2: Commission: total member daily valid bet 5,000,000 x 0.1% = ₱5,000

Level 3: Commission: total member daily valid bet 50,000,000 x 0.1% = ₱50,000

Daily Valid Bet Commission will get 56,500

Important Notice:

1. Single Referral Reward valid bet calculation for bonus is limited to SLOT GAMES only.

2. Meet the promotion requirements, it will automatically issued every day 12:00PM in Manila time (GMT+8).

3. Mobile number must be fully VERIFIED.

Terms & Conditions:
1. Every members of our company whose registered currency is PHP.
2. The friends you have referred should not include those whose registered under our company affiliates.
3. The member you refer must fulfills requirement to become a valid referred member, the mobile number must be fully verified and have to make a deposit a minimum amount of PHP 200valid turnover within 30 days from the date of registration.
4. Your friends must register affiliate account via the link or QR code that provided by you and make a deposit in order to qualify this promotion.
5. The Management reserved the right to change, amend, add or invalidate any time without notice any of these terms and conditions.
6. Referrer participation required to follow the terms and condition stated under the program and website, no same IP address, Bank Account, and Contact Number is allowed. Players who have multiple or fraudulent accounts will not be qualified for this promotion.
7. Our company also reserved the right to check member’s transaction record and login status at any time. If we find out and firmly believe any terminal user or personal group misuse the qualification and rights, we reserved the right to cancel the qualification without prior notice.
8. Referrer are also apply with the general rules terms and conditions.
9. When players use promotional bonuses for game bets, they will not receive any rebate on the bonus bet amount, but the withdrawal turnover will be calculated normally.